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Health Benefits of Yoga

Where breath and movement connect, that is where the magic  happens!

The best part is literally anyone can do it!

 The physical benefits include

Improved flexibility - Increased muscular strength - Enhanced athletic performance - Optimized joint mobility - Better breath control and respiration - Improved circulation - Aids digestion - Gentle cardiovascular workout - Injury prevention - Increased energy - Decreased muscular tension

 Now lets talk about the mental benefits

Centred and focused mindset - A feeling of calm and peace - Improved confidence - A better outlook on life - Allows you to turn inward - More self love - Inspires creativity - Creates self-discipline and willpower - Improved sleep - Stress reduction

Hot Yoga is Like Regular Yoga…Only Spicier.
Our studio utilizes infrared radiant panels. Infrared heat warms what it comes into contact with, so instead of heating the air around you, your body is warmed directly.


The studio reaches temperatures of 95-100  degrees so, you can expect to work up a sweat…We love that look for you!


Benefits of infrared heat:

Enhances muscle tension relief

Encourages relaxation

Improves circulation

Mood boosting

Promotes clear and glowing skin

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